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Product Image The American Drive-In Movie Theatre

The American Drive-In Movie Theatre

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The American Drive-In Movie Theatre by Don and Susan Sanders

 [From the back cover]


"The drive-in theater has been an integral part of American culture since 1933 when entrepreneur Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr. opened the first drive-in theater in Camden, New Jersey.  For a country infatuated with the automobile's convenience, Hollywood movies, and fast food, the drive-in-which offered all three-was a natural. 

The drive-in's appeal was universal and attracted everyone in nearly every town across the country.  Even celebrities- like Elvis Presley, John Wayne, Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, and The Beatles- enjoyed the pleasures of the drive-in experience.  With great films, wonderful food, kiddie amusement parks, and opulent architecture, the ozoner was the place to be!

The American Drive-In Movie Theatre relives the magic and excitement of the drive-in experience through rare photographs, lively text, and entertaining personal stories.  From the first theatres of the early 1930s to the successful ozoners of today, the glorious history of the drive-in is told.  For those who fondly recall watching movies under the stars, this book of nostalgia is sure to take you back to the days when life was good, cars had style, and the drive-in theatre was the epitome of American entertainment."

 160 pages

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