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Product Image Victory By Air DVD 5 part documentary series

Victory By Air DVD 5 part documentary series


Victory By Air DVD 5part documentary series- A history of the aerial assault vehicle.

[From the back cover]

"Over 4 hours of in-depth documentary features.  Take flight with an exploration of aviation's fascinating and triumphant history."


"Almost as soon as Orville and Wilbur Wright achieved the first successful, powered, piloted flight, aeroplanes were drafted for military use, and the rules of war were forever changed.

This compelling documentary series follows the history of the aerial assault vehicle from the creation of the aeroplane to its militarization during World War I and the Russian Revolution.  Viewers learn that it was the Spanish Civil War that served as the testing ground for the German airplanes of the Third Reich in the lead-up to the Second World War.

With remarkable narration and incredible archival footage, including many never-before-seen sequences, this groundbreaking 5-part series is a complete historical overview from 1900-1945.


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