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Product Image The Restorers: They Were All Volunteers by Hemlock Films DVD

The Restorers: They Were All Volunteers by Hemlock Films DVD


Hemlock Films presents "The Restorers" They were all volunteers.  An Adam White Film

The story of a B-25 bomber from Minnesota and the 68th Doolittle Raider Reunion.

[From the back cover]

"Each year the famous Doolittle Tokyo Raiders from WWII have a reunion to remember their mission, their comrades, and their heroic leader Gen. James Doolittle.  In 2010, an extraordinary event took place.  For the 68th Doolittle reunion, seventeen B-25 bomber crews volunteered to gather in honor of the Raiders.

This episode stands out, as it is devoted in its entirety to the journey of a Minnesota B-25 named Miss Mitchell.  Join this restored bomber as she travels to Dayton, Ohio to attend the largest B-25 gathering since WWII.  If you missed the event, now you can experience this moment in time, honoring our heroes and history."

Disc Features:

Widescreen Feature Presentation

Filmmakers' Commentary

Doolittle Raider Bonus Interviews

The Restorers Series Preview


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