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Product Image WASP String Doll Keychain

WASP String Doll Keychain


WASP stands for Women Airforce Service Pilots, a group of 350,000 unsung heroes who flew over 60 million miles for the US Air Force in World War II. Their job was to take over non-combat duties such as training other pilots, towing aircraft, and testing planes for the military so that male pilots were freed up to fly in combat missions. The WASP's contributions to the war effort were incalculable. Despite being forced to pay for their own flight training and lodging, and though they flew and died for their country just as their male counterparts did, they weren’t recognized with military standing until 1977. The 80th anniversary of this amazing organization and these brave women who fought for freedom just took place in 2022. Contains: one 2" - 3" string doll character with a double-sided fabric tag and lobster claw keyring. Fair Trade and Handmade in Thailand, each string doll has his or her own special power that is always positive and helpful. They are fun for the whole family and make

• Made in Thailand • Weight: 0.06 lb